Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Fasci

  • Azhwar Gowthaman K, 
  • Aravindhan G,
  •  Anitha R,
  • Haripriya R.


TITLE: The fasci, smart cane.

Problem statement:
          As we are in the busy world, we have no patience to help visually challenged people.
         What a visually challenged person needs is not a guide but an another self.
         They are hesitating to seek help from others to do their chores. They are finding it difficult to lead an independent life.
         They will feel inferior about themselves as they cannot perform even a simple task by themselves.

         As it is the responsibility of us to make thier life better and comfortable, we are in a place to find the solution for their problem.
         The use of cane is mandatory to them so why cant we make it smart enough to guide them.
         We can bring the solution to their main problem of finding obstacle in their path by using IOT technology.
         We can bring the solution to various other problems such as crossing roads and signals, knowing nearby places, understanding the environment, to know weather conditions, to passing information regarding their situation to their family, to know where they are and what the time is and so on through IOT.

   How could IOT bring solution to all these problems that are being faced by visually challenged persons? The most efficient and easy way to solve all these issues is through the use of sensors that are connected to cloud in IOT.

If we are able to attach the specified sensor whose function is already recognized by cloud to the walking cane we can ensure that the person is always connected to us all the time. By doing so we can monitor the proper working of cane.

We can enhance the efficiency of cane by attaching several other devices such as GPS tracking system to know the exact location of them.

we can attach digital clocks along with sensors to enable the person to know the time.

We can provide voice hearing devices to them to hear the response from the cane.

Ostacle deduction: optical sensor
Traffic light deduction: powerfull light deducting sensor

        The main usage of the fasci is to make the life of those persons an easy one. It is essentially going to be designed to make them compatible to the environment. They can easily mingle with the normal persons. It gives information to their family and friends regarding their current location. They can gain knowledge about their environment. They can travel to all different places without the help of others. As alert message goes to the family there is no fear of them being lost

           The future scope of it lies in the hands of us. We have to bring it into market. We can add further more settings and extra devices and sensors to add further more details to the fasci

       It is the well known fact that we are in the world where we have to help each other out to survive here. But do we have enough

patience to do so? The answer is unknown. So we hope that this smart cane is useful to them in all possible ways. 


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