Thursday, 8 September 2016

Smart ID

Team Members Name :
                                                    1. SARAVANAN.S
                                                    2. SAKTHIVEL.G
                                                    3. PRAKASH RAJ.A
                                                    4. SRIDHAR.N

Department :   B.Tech  Information Technology

Problem :
                 While student moving out of College campus without any
Permission that is not safe for them.If any accidental issues is
happened it will causes lot of Problems to  the particular Insititute
and to the Student....

Solution :
                 For this issues we are going for Smart ID....
Smart ID is nothing but the ID card with GPS TRACKING CHIP
( smallest chip) which Sents signals to GPS RECEIVER.

Description :
                GPS RECEIVER locates the exact location of ID’s.
If the student moves out of the campus GPS TRACKING CHIP
Sents signals to GPS RECEIVER is connected with BLUEMIX .It fetches
the data relevant to the student from the database and sents report
to the parents and to the corresponding Department...

Sensor :

Bluemix  Usage :
               Here the bluemix is used to check the location of Student
and to fetch the data from database and  Sents report to the parents
and  to the department through email or text...

Node Red Link :
                   App Name : Optimus323.
                   URL : mybluemix.net/red/#

Usage :
1.      By this Smart ID we can avoid unwanted problems 
2.      Student will be safe inside the campus

Future  Scope :
                   In future using the Smart ID we can monitor the Students When they are coming to college and when they are leaving from College with the exact time... It can be implemented in MNC companies to monitor the employees  


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