Thursday, 8 September 2016


It becomes a vital necessity to monitor our old ones in order to keep them safe and healthy. People at old age mainly suffer from a severe problem to walk due to the fact that the bone joint become weak as they become old. This leads to the people to be bound by a wheelchair. Even though they are bound by wheelchair they have a great risk of falling down. So it is important to know if they have fallen or not so that a timely help or treatment can be provided to prevent them from further danger.

 In order to do this we propose a sensorized moving aid for old aged persons and also differently abled persons. Here a gyro sensor and accelerometer is employed to detect the abrupt movement of those persons. These sensors can be mounted on the wheel chair or on person’s hand. The use of this sensor is to constantly transmit the acceleration data to the microcontroller. Now the proposed system keeps on monitoring the fall of the person or any sudden movement changes. Now if the case is that the person didn’t fall and it was just an abrupt movement with jerk, then the system allows snoozing to alert if person presses snooze button in 5 seconds or an allotted time interval. If the person does not press the snooze button, the system detects that the person has fallen and automatically triggers an alert through a message to their beloved ones about the situation instantly.


We have simulated the utilization of accelerometer with the support of IBM IOT BLUEMIX SERVER- NODE RED. We have specified the link and snapshot of the simulation in NODE RED of IBM IOT BLUEMIX server.


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