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IOT’s Smart Sailors

IOT’s Smart Sailors
                                                                                    Revathi.R    -CSE
                                                                                    Sruthi.K.V  -CSE
Problem Statement:
       1.There is no exact boundary crossing alert system in ships and also there is no evidence for our navy to release the ones who were illegally arrested without crossing the boundary.
       2.There is only satellite weather informations are available till date for navigation which cannot be checked for shorter time period and hence the ships which have already being in sea are not aware of the present weather condition in their way.
      3.Could not determine the places where the aquatic population is more.

      1.We can alert the sailors in the ship from crossing the borders before 2 kms by the help of gps tracking system and if they proceed further a km(ie.., if they are in 1 km distance from the border) the engine will turn off automatically.
      2.The location of the ship with latitude and longitude is pictured and sent to the navy and only with the arrival of navy they can turn on the engine.
      3.Within the arrival of navy,if the sailors are arrested by the neighbour country,then they can be realeased with the help of the pictured location that is sent to the navy in advance.
     4.The sensors to detect temperature,humidity,wind flow and tide are placed in the ships. The data from those sensors are sent to the remaining ships in the same path. From the help of those sent data,the sailors of the other ships can take respective decisions such as whether to proceed further or to wait or to take other path.

    5.With the help of SONAR we can detect whether there is a massive amount of fishes in the respective area.

         To overcome the above mentioned problem statement, we can use sensors and bluemix tools to alert the sailors regarding boundary, provide evidence for the navy, periodic checking for weather and prescence of fishes under the sea.

Sensors Used:
         1.Gps tracking system with position sensor
              2.Infra red radio meters

Bluemix usage image:
Node red link:

         1.can be used in navy.
         2.can be used for fishing.
         3.can be used  for safety navigation.

Future scope:
         1.Incresed economy in fishing.
          2.Safety regarding crossing the borders.
        3.Safety regarding weather conditions.

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