Thursday, 8 September 2016


Earth quakes create massive damage to life and property over years. this massive event cant be avoided,but can be prevented from creating life damage, by alerting people about the occurrence of earthquakes priorly, so that we can give them enhances to save their lives.life damage caused by earth quakes are massive.aftermath of earth quakes are horrible for the rescued ones being physically and mentally injured.thus this device can alert people to safeguard themselves from earth quakes.
as a great solution comes this device, where it alerts people by sending a text message to the phone informing about the upcoming earthquake with the help of seismograph sensor.this sensor detects the displacement of earth plates and sends signal according to the intensity.here,comes our ibm bluemix server  which aids us as a carrier and helps us send the signal from "quake sensor",to each of the mobile phones connected to server via internet. thus the people are alerted about the earth quake to be occurred, so that they can move to safer place at the moment.

we have simulated the seismographic sensor function in NODE RED IBM BLUMIX " and the link is provided below,


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