Thursday, 8 September 2016


Batch members:
R. Anitha
K.. Anupriya
M. Aravind

  Unlike other natural resources such as oil and gas, FISH are a renewable resource.
  People have been using fish as a major food source for thousands of years.
  Recently, The World Fish Centre stated that fish stock is depleted constantly from modern commercial fishing techniques.
  Aquaculture which produces half the see food available in the market today is , could become a major tool for meeting global fish demands.

       We here form a solution to keep on monitoring the water quality in fish farm or pond or aquarium or etc., These water quality determines the survival of aquatic organisms and also human beings. Here we frequently monitoring the important parameters for water quality.
1.       pH
2.       Temperature
3.       Dissolved oxygen

We measure these parameter and processed and intimated to the corresponding person via IBM Bluemix  Internet of Things.     
Temperature, pH, Oxygen.

  We can also place our kit in drinking water, water tanks , lakes to measure the important parameters.
  It give messages to municipality or higher officials about the important parameters to be monitored.
  Hence higher officials can able to view the data without coming to the place directly and they can take measure immediately.
Through this project water pollution can be rejected and we can save the lives of aquatic organisms

     If conservation of natural resources gone wrong, nothing else will go right which is said by M.S. Swaminathan.
     So by saying this, maintaining the quality of water we can save aqua dependent living things.


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